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The Early Bird deadline for registration is March 31st. Join us at the PSI Conference 2024 in Amsterdam, Netherlands from Sunday 16th to Wednesday 19th June 2024 for what promises to be a great conference.

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This year we have three great interactive workshop sessions.  

The first will be run by Alun Bedding (Roche), Lucy Rowell (Impactful Authenticity) and Xinyi Zhu (GSK), with help from other volunteers entitled “Coaching vs Mentoring”. Some more details are below:
  • In this interactive workshop, participants will learn about mentoring and coaching, the differences between them and how they can be used effectively to progress your career. Hear from peers in the industry on how they have used coaching and mentoring in their careers as well as a demonstration of a typical session between certified coaches. In order to get the most from the session, participants will be expected to bring their own situations to discuss in groups with feedback from the coaches.
The second is an interactive workshop about "Project leadership" which will be run by Naomi Givens (GSK), Kimberley Hacquoil (Exploristics) and Vicky Marriott (Phastar). An overview of the session is below:
  • We’re looking forward to lots of discussion, tips and suggestions at this interactive workshop focused on Project Leadership. Those new to leading, as well as those keen to proactively evaluate their approach, will be welcome to join. We’re planning to look at different concepts through group discussion, exercises and scenarios. We’ll be focused on topics such as the power of non-verbal communication, motivating your team, effective planning & tracking, the benefits of RACI matrices, proactive problem solving and what to do when things go wrong. Please come along ready to share experiences and lessons learnt. We look forward to seeing you there!
Last but not least will be an interactive workshop on "Data Monitoring Committees". This will be presented by David Lawrence (Novartis Pharma AG), Tobias Mütze (Novartis Pharma AG), Tim Friede (University Medical Center Göttingen), Kit Roes (Radboud University Medical Center) and Emma May (Biontech). A description is given below:
  • While DMCs are widely used considerable variability exists in conduct. This interactive session will focus on three topics: open sessions and open reports; communication pathways within and between the various parties involved with DMCs (i.e. the DMC themselves, the sponsor or academic clinical trials unit, and the independent statistical reporting group/CRO); and non-standard DMCs (e.g. adaptive designs).
SOCIAL: Gala Dinner Theme!
After the success of previous gala dinner themes (James Bond, Wild West, Abba), the scientific committee have decided that we would like to have a theme for the Gala Dinner this year. We have discussed many potential ideas, and have decided on the theme of FLOWERS! Please come to the Gala Dinner dressed in bright colours or a floral pattern (all optional!)
A Message from the Conference Chair
It’s full speed ahead with the organising of the conference – coordinating with speakers, reviewing the poster abstracts and preparing the online programme. It’s looking like a great conference again this year! The Early bird deadline for registration and pre conference courses is 31st March 2024. I hope to see you there!

Sarah Williams
Conference Chair
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