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Who is this event intended for? For someone looking to learn more about Imposter Syndrome and how to overcome it.

What is the benefit of attending? Learn from others who also associate with Imposter Syndrome, and hear their tips on how best to overcome it.

Do you ever think: "I don't belong here, I'm not as capable as they think I am"... "I don't deserve it, I'm just lucky"... "I'm never good enough, others are better"... "I'm a fraud, I'll get found out"?

Imposter Syndrome is experienced by 70% of people and the feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy it promotes can hold us back from valuing our accomplishments and reaching our full potential.

Learn from others in the PSI Community who also associate with Imposter Syndrome. They will discuss the topic, give their own personal views and experiences and provide tips to beat it.

Please note: Registration for this webinar is free, and is open to Members of PSI only.


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